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Interested in joining the First City team?

Interested in joining the First City team? First City is always looking for outgoing people with a passion for movement and coaching to join our team.   If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team of coaches, have them email us at for more details.

First City Policies

First City Policies Gym Rules Cubby Policy Child Policy Dog Policy  

Holiday Schedule

  First City Fitness Holiday Schedule Below is our schedule for the upcoming Holidays. Any Holidays not listed will be on the regular schedule. The Regular Schedule of workouts can be found here. Thurs Nov 24th – Thanksgiving 6:15am, 8am, 9am Fri Nov 25th – Black Friday 6:15am, 8am, 9am Sun. Dec. 24th – Christmas […]

Hold Policy

  First City Membership Hold Policy First City does not believe that athletes should have to pay for a membership if they are unable to use it. First City athletes can put their membership on hold starting any time for any period in which they are unable to use their membership for more than 4 […]

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking at First City First City Fitness uses SugarWOD to publish our workouts and allow athletes to track their performance.

Creatine Recommendation

“Creatine, it is one of the most researched supplements there is and there are no known side-effects. Your body produces it naturally anyway. Your get it through food… Across the board it is totally safe and incredibly powerful to create more powerful athletes…If you are an athlete you should be taking creatine, Creatine MonoHydrate, no […]

Cancellation Policy

  First City Membership Cancellation If an athlete cancels their membership and then signs up again at some point in the future, the athlete will be subject to the current pricing and not eligible for any prior pricing that they were receiving. To cancel your membership, please send an email to indicating that you […]

Help us spread the word by leaving a review!

  Help us spread the word by leaving a review! Thanks for being a part of First City Fitness. We love our athletes to leave reviews to share their experience at First City and help us spread the word. If you have time and would not mind helping out, the links are below. Thanks. Google […]

First City Dog Policy

  First City Dog Policy The following is First City’s policy for dogs at the gym.  All dog owners MUST read, understand, and adhere to these policies or they will not be allowed to bring their dog to First City Fitness.   Dog owners who bring their dogs to First City Fitness are fully responsible […]

Save on Membership Costs

Want To Save On The Cost of Your Membership? Then check this out… A health savings account (HSA) is a special savings account you can use to store pre-tax money for healthcare-related needs. Using an HSA can help you cut your costs on health and wellness purchases by enabling you to bypass paying taxes on […]


  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE FRONT LOT OF THE COMPLEX Parking for First City Fitness including Boxing Strong, Elevate Pole, Fuel Cycle, CPR courses is in the back parking lot.   Parking in the front lot is reserved for the other businesses in the complex. This back parking lot is accessed using a […]

Member Benefits

The following are benefits to being a member of First City. Visiting Friends and Family can workout for FREE! Existing First City athletes with friends and family visiting can bring their friends and family in to workout with them for free (up to 5 workouts per visitor).  First City wants to make sure you get […]


First City Fitness is partnering with Sneakers4Funds First City Fitness is partnering with the Sneakers4Funds (S4F) organization to collect gently worn, used or new running shoes and sneakers to redistributed throughout the Sneakers For Good network of micro-enterprise (small business) partners. Sneakers4Funds works with micro-entrepreneurs in helping them create, maintain and grow small businesses in […]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at First City Check out the following events organized by First City Fitness for their athletes at the gym and outside the gym. Memorial Day “Murph”Monday May 30th, 20229am & 10:30am workouts Not seeing the link that you are looking for? Send us an email at or call 1-831-920-1755.

Memorial Day “Murph” WOD on Monday May 27th, 2024

Memorial Day “Murph” WOD on Monday May 27th, 2024 Each year on Memorial Day, First City Fitness honors the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country and our freedom. In honor of their sacrifice we do the workout “Murph”. This event is open to the public. Sign-up in advance is […]

Local Recommendations

First City Local Recommendations Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us at Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us at Wish to add your business to our recommendations? Email us at Sponsors The Back and Neck Pain Center of Monterey Liam Doust – Realtor – Coldwell Banker Healthy To-Go Meals Terra SuperFoods […]

Shared links

  Shared Links Check out the links below that have been shared by First City Fitness. Visiting? Sign Up to Drop-In. Live Locally? Come Try it out for FREE! Local Recommendations Leave a review of First City Not seeing the link that you are looking for? Send us an email at or call 1-831-920-1755.

First City Fitness is no longer a Cr0ssFit Affiliate

We have de-affiliated First City Fitness is no longer a Cr0ssFit affiliate. Nothing will change about our workouts and how we help our athletes get fit. There will be some minor changes. The learn more about why this happened and what it may mean for you, check out the video below.      

Fit For Life

Fit For Life Beginning in February 1st 2023, First City Fitness will be offering a new program, Fit For Life. Fit For Life is a fitness program designed for those looking to not only avoid illness but, to improve and maintain their quality of life. Fit for Life will designed for athletes 55 years old […]

Water Filtration at First City

Water Filtration at First City  First City Fitness provides the highest quality filtered water to our athletes. Be sure to bring a reusable bottle or cup and help us keep plastic cups and bottles out of the landfill. First City has two FloWater filtration units.  These units have a 7-stage Purification Process including Reverse Osmosis. […]

First City Child Policy

First City Child Policy First City is a fitness facility. We are proud to offer childcare in a large, bright, clean dedicated childcare room with caring helpers during certain times of the day so that parents with children can workout too. We are fortunate to have the space and the dedicated and caring helpers. In […]

Athlete Referral Bonus Program

Athlete Referral Bonus Program Word-of-mouth is one of our most powerful tools for growing the First City community.  As a “thank you” to the members of our community that spread the word, we offer the following one-time referral bonuses when someone that you convinced to come in and try out the gym signs up for […]

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