Parking for
First City Fitness


Boxing Strong,
Elevate Pole,
Fuel Cycle,
CPR courses
is in the back parking lot.  

Parking in the front lot is reserved for the other businesses in the complex.

This back parking lot is accessed using a separate entrance off of Garden Road (see overhead view below).  If you pulled into the front parking lot, take a left back onto Garden Road and then turn left into the very next driveway on your left.  There is a sign indicating “Parking for First City Fitness athletes”.  There is a fairly large dip as you enter the driveway off of Garden Road so take the turn into the driveway SLOWLY.

Once you have parked, continue around the back of the building and you will see the entrance for First City Fitness on the left.  The entrance for Fuel Cycle is on the left as you enter First City Fitness.

Just past the entrance to First City Fitness is a hallway that will take you into the outdoor courtyard.  The entrance for Boxing Strong, Elevate Pole, and CPR courses is on the left as you enter the courtyard.

If you have questions of issues with where to park, please call 1-831-920-1755.  Please do not bother the other businesses.

Thank you for your help ensuring that we do not negatively impact our neighbors.


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