Frank FoehrenbachOwner & Head Coach
10 years of coaching fitness

Over two decades of coaching sports

10 years coaching fitness

Frank is an avid athlete; competitively playing soccer, baseball, and swimming in his youth.  As an adult, he currently snowboards, plays lacrosse and soccer, mountain bikes, and workouts regularly.  Frank has taught snowboard lessons, taught swim lessons, and coached a swim team.

After many years as an athlete under the amazing coaches at CrossFit Avalanche in Tahoe Vista, CA, Frank moved to Monterey and bought equipment to start working out with friends in the garage and driveway. Eventually the group of friends grew too large for the driveway, so Frank left the IT industry where he had worked for 14 years and opened a gym. First City Fitness opened in March of 2014.

“Because we have encouraged an inclusive environment, our members all know each other, welcome newcomers, demonstrate their support for one another, and socialize in and out of the gym (we throw great parties!).”

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